CalQBeads Daily Expense Manager

When studying in college, living with roommates, going for trips, etc there are always expenses that are individual, and there are always some expenses that have to be shared among all. Though individual expenses are relatively easy to manage, calculating shared expenses is a bit tedious task. This application will help you manage all expenses very easily. In addition there are a lot of other features which will make all money management tasks a breeze. You must be wondering "Why a desktop application and not a web version?". This is because of my personal experiences where though I was an engineering student and now a professional in IT industry, I had to and still have to go days without internet access. But I used to have my laptop and that is all I needed to update all the details everyday. All the data is saved in MSAccess files. Multiple users can use the same application by creating their own individual files. Both application and data files are portable and can be easily transferred.
License Free
File Size 132.9 kB
Version 2.0
Operating System Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows
System Requirements Microsoft Access, .NET Framework