Finally, Finatica brings the tools of the pros to every investor by making it easy to develop and test quantitative and non-quantitative stock and stock option trading strategies. Finatica manages your assets, your positions, your data sets (prices, volumes, fundamentals and macroeconomic series are all downloaded automatically) so that you can focus on what matters: your portfolio and your strategy. You can even automatically import open-source trading strategies from The Free Finance Project, including statistical arbitrage strategies and fundamentals-based statistical strategies. A strategy backtest can be immediately used to trade live by using the Final Holdings feature. Run portfolio-level backtests, including an options mark-to-model mode to estimate historical options prices if you don't have options data. Leverage statistical and machine learning algorithms to make forecasts for use directly or with our built-in portfolio optimizers, which use the Markowitz model to automatically optimize the return of a portfolio based on your risk tolerance level. Easily build tables, graphs and reports of the information you collect. Get an idea of your risk using value-at-risk and built-in options risk models. Finatica puts the power of a back room full of PhDs in the hands of every investor.
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