Insurance Kit is an invaluable tool for Insurance Professionals and Financial Planners. 1. Calculates Rate of Return of limited payment saving/ insurance/ investment plans.2. Calculates Retirement Fund required 3. Calculates Life Insurance required4. Calculates College Fund required and5. Is also a Financial Calculator Rate of Return------------Using cash flow calculation, Insurance Kit works out the rate of return of limited payment plans e.g. plans that require 10 annual payments and mature on the 20th year. A financial calculator can do the job too but it involves many steps. With Insurance Kit , all you need is to enter the following fields and the the rate of return will be generated instantaneously: - Annual Payment/premium - Number of payments (in years) - Year of maturity or surrender - Maturity/surrender value Retirement---------Using Capital Liquidation method, Insurance Kit calculates Retirement fund needed. The app takes into account inflation and interest rate and the amount needed to finance a desired retirement lifestyle in today's dollar. It then calculates the amount required at retirement age. The calculation will be shown with a touch of a button. Life Insurance-----------Insurance Kit calculates the amount of life insurance required.Education--------Insurance Kit calculates the projected cost of college education.Financial Calculator---------------Insurance Kit is also a financial calculator that allows you to calculate anyone of the following fields: - Present Value (PV) - Period (N) - Payment ( PMT) - Interest Rate (I) - Future Value (FV)
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