ExpenseLog PRO

ExpenseLog PRO is a full featured professional expense tracking and reporting program for the Palm OS. ExpenseLog PRO is three programs in one - an Expense Tracker, a Mileage/KM Tracker and a Currency Converter. ExpenseLog PRO features user defined categories which are totaled to generate complete expense reports. The reports can be transferred to your PC and read by Microsoft Excel and Works for printing, submitting and filing. Expense Report - Enter Date, User defined category, Description, Amount, a Note and ExpenseLog PRO calculates the running total. Sort by user defined categories, view "All" or just "Meals" for example. Mileage/KM Report - Enter Date, Description, Odometer Start, Odometer Finish for multiple trips and ExpenseLog PRO calculates the running total. Enter mileage/KM rate paid by your company and Total Owed to you is calculated. Currency Converter - ExpenseLog PRO features a programmable Currency Converter. ExpenseLog PRO Features: Scrolling Table Views Both the Expense and Mileage/KM trackers feature a scrolling table view which makes it easy to review entries. Each scrolling table view shows Date, Description and Amount. Each table view also shows the current running total for the particular item. Entries can be selected from the table, viewed more in-depth, edited or deleted. Built-in Help Files ExpenseLog PRO features Help buttons which link to built-in complete documentation. Every single form has a help button with related documentation for that page. There is no need to print out documentation beforehand or refer to your PC which is not available when you are on the road anyways! Complete Data Backup Whenever you perform a Hot-sync on your PC the entire ExpenseLog PRO program and database is backed up to your system. If your handheld is ever lost or stolen you will be able to completely recover all of your data and the program itself from the time of your last Hot-sync. Generate Reports on your PC Since your databases are backed up to your PC you have the ability to convert these files into text files and load them into Microsoft Excel or Works. The utility to perform this conversion is available FREE from TrajectoryLabs.com. Simply visit and follow the "Conversion Program for ExpenseLog PRO" link. There is a complete online pictorial with tech support available. You can print two reports, one for Expenses and one for Mileage/KM. HINT: Write ExpenseLog PRO off as an expense! It's a real time saver and pays for itself right away! v3.0 Updates Delete Database function added Mileage is now Mileage/KM Graphics removed - only 76K installed v2.0 Updates Currency converter redesigned User defined currencies added Currency converter retains values
Price USD 19.95
License Purchase
File Size 131.84 kB
Version 3.0
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmOS 3.0