If you want a budget management tool, easy - to - use and powerful, then use (i)_Bank. Its use is very simple, you just fill in the essential , (i)_Bank is in charge to provide you the rest. Recording a transaction is immediate. Consultation , editing and details of an expense type are concise and organised. Don't waste your time to find features in menus, (i)_Bank has icons, explicit and accessible anywhere. (i)_Bank allows you : to consult your bank statement on a period of your choice. to provide your balance. to consult whole transactions regarding an expense Type (income, hobby, bills ) to provide total amount concerning an expense Type to export your database in a spreadsheet (Excel). Follow the guideline : 2 steps and 30 secondes are enough. (i)_Bank is designed for colour and greyscale devices. Updates are free for registered users French and english version available.
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