Each entry has a description, a number with editable unit and a date. All entries are sorted automatically by their date and time. The date of an entry can be changed by tapping on it. The description may have more than one line. Column widths are adjustable (with the small triangle) and the date can be set visible ore invisible. The numbers may be negative. If an entry starts with a time span noted as hh:mm-hh:mm, then the time difference will be calculated with decimals and shown. Using the ShortCut called time stamp is an easy and fast way to enter the time as hh:mm (ShortCut text = @TS), but that works only with a time format set to HH:MM in the system preferences. When entering text, you get suggestions for known descriptions starting with the same letters. This works even with accents and modified vowels. When entering a number, missing decimal digits and the unit or currency are added automatically. With no entry being selected, a text or number input starts a new entry. Each of the categories has an editable unit or currency text and a choosable number of decimal digits from zero to three. When all categories are shown, different units or currencies may be visible. The button "Details..." opens the window shown below. The description of the selected entry is now the title. For this entry "Sum of above rows" is selected. Therefore this line is shown in bold letters and the number is calculated automatically. A new sum may start with the next line if "Next line starts new sum" is selected. Date, time and category of this entry can be changed. Numbers, date and time are shown according to the settings of the palm. Unit or currency and decimal digits can be set for all entries of this category. When "Delete all older entries" is executed, the sum of the deleted entries will be noted. With the menu entry "Extras" / "Set waiting time" the time between text entry by graffiti and automatic text suggestions can be set in the range between 0 and 0.9 seconds. This should be set so that letters that have two graffiti strokes do not separate into two letters.
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Operating System Mobile Palm Palm OS 3.x Palm OS 5.x Palm OS 4.x