This unique little program can save you time and money by helping you to pay your bills at the last minute and no later, whether you pay by check or internet. LastMinute Bill Payment Scheduler maximises your account interest, and helps you avoid unnecessary interest surcharges for late payment, by calculating the best time to pay your bills while allowing for: weekends and US federal holidays how many working days it takes for payment to go through. Suppose you have a bill due on the 1st of the month, and: the 1st is a wednesday the bank needs 2 days to clear the check the post takes 2 daysWhich day should you send your check? LastMinute works it out for you, whether you pay by check or internet. It is simple to use - set it up once to tell it how many working days it takes for bills to go through. Every time you start the program it will show payment dates for the next 9 days. Just scroll for more dates. You can also tell it if you want to pay on the day before a working day, such as a Sunday - useful for postal or internet payments. If you have a handful of bills to pay every month, all due on different days, and you can see how LastMinute can be useful. LastMinute is a bill date calculator which speeds up your bill-paying process every month and reduces mistakes. LastMinute contains all US holidays for 2001-2004. Avoid interest charges for late payment. Pay a bill late and you might get an interest charge of $20. This program will cost you less than that. Download it and try it out for free. Purchase a license and you can download future updated versions free. Available in 2 versions: LastMinute LITE - without alarm LastMinute PLUS - gives you an optional alarm reminder every month.
Price USD12
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File Size 6.84 kB
Version 1.0
Operating System Mobile