With EuroCalc you can convert most European currencies into other currencies. The result is shown rounded off to either 2 or 5 digits. Apart from the European currencies you can also convert other currencies, such as the US Dollar, Yen or any other currency you want to add. The first currency is always converted into EUROs and the result appears rounded off to 8 digits. That result is then converted into the second currency. The exchange rates of the currencies are predefined but can be changed by the user. They are saved in a database and are kept in the case of of the user installing later updates. The rates for the Euroland countries are fixed and cannot be changed. You can add as much currencies as you like. EuroCalc also has a tax function. The user can define tax rates for each currency and can inculde them in the conversion. You can, for example, take an amount in French Francs, subtract the French tax, convert the result into German Marks, and then add the German tax. This is all done automatically when you type in the amount.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 37.11 kB
Version 3.5.2
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmPilot Personal
  • Palm OS 2.0