PocketMoney was designed to do one thing and do it very well - track your finances quickly with the smallest amount of work. PocketMoney will help you keep your checking, savings, credit card and petty cash accounts in line. On the Palm OS, PocketMoney interfaces with a variety of programs to give you seamless integration of your financial data with their specialized features. Some programs PocketMoney works with are tip calculators, vehicle logs, budget managers, and customized data entry applications. (PocketMoney savvy apps.) PocketMoney keeps the amount of data entry to a minimum and at the same time gives you a great amount of flexibility. Unlimited accounts, categories, subcategories let you track data your way. Powerful filtering capabilities let you report your data your way. PocketMoney lets you upload and download data with your desktop programs such as Quicken, MS Money, spreadsheets and databases on the Macintosh, Windows, or Linux desktops.
LicenseFree to try
File Size1.01 MB
Operating System Mobile