Five ***** Ratings by TUCOWS! Best money and expense tracking; Bills, deposits, transfers, recurring and foreign transactions, foreign currencies, reconcile, over limit alerts, export/import to/from desktop (CSV, QIF), export reports to PC, custom filter reports, and much more! Can your handheld financial software: - Work as a complete independent application as well as work with desktop? -Schedule recurring bills -Export PDA reports to Excel (CSV)? -Import transactions from Excel (CSV), Quicken or Money? -Export transactions to Excel(CSV), Quicken or Money? -Provide encrypted security -Backup complete financial data from handheld? -Provide real-time balance and scheduling? -Is Intuitive, fast and easy? -Provide custom reports? -Allow splits into unlimited categories? -Allow selection from address book? -Allow for international date and exchange rates? -Allow for PC like double-click feature? Features - The best conduit in the market - Support for color handhelds and Palm OS 5 - Support for accounts of various types - Support for international decimal and date formats - Export to QIF and CSV format files. Customize your export filter by selecting a date range and/or by selecting the cleared status of transactions (Cleared, Uncleared or Unreconciled or All transactions). - Import transactions from your desktop or bank into handheld. checkMoney can import both the QIF or CSV formatted transactions - Export checkMoney reports to your desktop so that you can integrate with Excel or any third party application or simply keep them for reporting purposes - Backup the entire checkMoney data to your desktop, anytime - Restore transactions and accounts from your desktop - Reconcile accounts to ensure that all transactions shown on your bank statement are properly recorded and cleared in checkMoney - Powerful custom filter reports capabilities. You can get reports based on Payees, Categories and sub-categories, Accounts, Date range, Type of transactions, Void or cleared transactions, Scheduled transactions Or any combinations of the above filters - Support for multiple currencies. Define your own currencies and exchange rates at the account level as well as at a specific transaction level - "Double click" feature - just like in PC, you can double click on the account or a transaction record to open it. - Support for three operations : withdrawal/bill, deposit and transfer - Support for transactions of various types - ATM, Card, Cash, EFT and Check - Built-in checkMoney calculator - Select payees and payers from your address book or define new ones - Strong encryption and security to safeguard your valuable data - Scheduled and memorized transactions - Built-in list of categories and sub-categories - Add/modify your own categories and sub-categories - Supports unlimited accounts and transactions - Delete, purge and rollup transactions capabilities - Adjust account's balance - Over-limit and account minimum alerts - Allows split transactions into unlimited number of categories - Real-time account's balance at the time of creating a transaction - Display transactions in seven different ways
File Size881.84 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • All Palm, Sony, Handspring, Tungsten