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iHome is a extremely powerful and easy to use Loan, Auto, Mortgage and Property analysis tool. Browse through screenshots to get an idea of what you can do with iHome. Makes Loan/Property analysis fun! Recent Reviews "Stands out in it's category" 5 Star "Seriously good job" 5 Star "Polished Product" 4 Star Thanks for the comments and feedback, iHome is constantly being improved and features added based on users request. Please leave feedback or send emails to contact link. All emails are answered within 24hrs. Features - Detailed Loan Analysis - Property Analysis (Equity/LVR) - Email results (via Contacts or Manual entry), including printer friendly Graphs and tables. - Graphical Loan Comparisons support for (Monthly, Total Paid/Interest, Payout and more). - Mortgage Glossary Localized for USA - Auto Loans with Balloon payments, Credit Cards, Fixed Rate etc. - Full Help manual provided explaining all screens and tutorial showing various loan/property scenarios - Loan and Property defaults can be set - Large Easy to use numeric entry and exaplanation of all fields. - Amortization screen shows year summaries, emailed Amortization shows even more. - Loan/Property Summary Screen shows Payments and pie chart representing breakdown - Copy, Compare delete multiple loans from Summary screen - International Currency Support Loan Analysis Features - Tap Loan Graph to see Bar, Shaded or Line to understand Principal/Interest Portions - Each Loan can have inbuilt Compare rate to quickly calculate change in payments on variable loans - Supports Multiple Payment and Compound Frequencies (Canada set automatically) (from 1-52 Payments per year) - Supports Extra period and Lump sum payments - Supports Fees and Charges (Annual,Upfront,Discharge,Monthly) - Supports Interest Free Loans - Supports Split Loans eith Interest Only or Fixed,Variable portions - Supports Early Payout/Balloon Payments - Compare Loans and "tweak" variable and instantly see changes in easy to understand graphs - Calculate True effective rate of loan (APR) based on "real" cost. Property Analysis Features - Attach multiple Loans to Property - Calculate LVR against Loan - Calculate Equity vs Loan over a Certain Period - Graphically shows Equity vs Loan Balance Other Features - Amortization Screen shows Loan at any period. - Email a rich HTML file with embedded graphs and extra detail in Amortization (payment,principal,Interest,Fees,Balance) in printer friendly format. - Glossary screens explain Mortgage terms for each localised region - Help Screens cleary explain how to setup each scenario Please contact development for any feedback, suggestions.
File Size1.27 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required