EXAMINATION is a multiple choice test making computer software program from DORAY MEDIA. Teachers, now you can create your own computerized multiple choice tests in hypercard on your mac. Your choice of many colors for cards, color pictures and movies and much more. Works with any 2.x version of hypercard on any Mac. EXAMINATION gives students exams with continuous grading and recorded performance. Demo examsare a 20 question portion of the State of California Teachers Competency Mathematics Test and a Reading Exam. Atlanta Symbol Font, a great font for HyperCard, is provided free. EXAMINATION is derived from EXAMwHELP; it is without help, and it grades individual students. Both programs now available with programmed learning and large text features. Memory of HyperCard should be 3000K or higher.
File Size484.03 kB
Operating System Mac OS Classic Macintosh
System Requirements
  • System 7 or higher
  • Hypercard 2.x