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This free Mortgage calculator makes counting simple interest on your loan very easy! It is very simple with five possible fields to fill in.It's a good tool for you to keep track of your costs and by that control your personal finance in a structured way.Whether you have a Mortgage or if you are looking to get a loan from the bank, it works like a charm, with the most crucial parameters.LoanInterest rateTerm (In years)What makes this calculator stand out from the crowd of Mortgage calculators is that it offers amortization!Amortization can make great difference in the long run, but if you don't want it you just leave the field open!It also offer Tax Deducation if you live in a country where you know you get tax benefits from Mortgage loans.This is not very common and if you don't have it you just leave that field open, nothing to worry about!Showing results like.Total cost of loan.Total interest cost.Monthly interest cost. (A nice feature tracking monthly costs of all months! Based onyour filled in Term).Years and months left of loan. (If you have entered amortization it will tell you how long it takes to pay off the loan).It is very handy and does the job quick.Nice and smooth design makes it easy to navigate around the app.Contact us section with various button with options to "Email us", "Rate", "Share", and "Our apps".We appreciate any feedback, writing a mail to us is very easy with the "Email us" button.Sharing it with family and friends!Our app provides good accuracy, and we have had no complains nor any problems have been spotted. If you notice a bug you are welcome to inform us.With that being said we won't take responsibilty for any inaccuracy of results.We hope you find good use with this app.
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License Free
Version 2
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.2 and up