Junkyard Broken Car Parking

Junkyard Baron car rebuild & parking mania is full of fun and enjoyment with hundreds levels choose from and test ability to park or reverse into a tricky recess. Exalted shredder will crush the car & crumble all parts of wrecked vehicles which need to be bulldozing! Repair wheels and vintage cars in scrapyard is not easier at all time you need a auto car mechanics tricks. Learn Junkyard car drving in this car mechanics parking school.Junkyard car parking mania teach you various parking and repairing skills when you have missions to drive and park classic cars. You first race and crush it for scrapyard after repairing & rebuild, park it with restricted time on parking place avoiding from crashed otherwise again back to scrapyard for repairing & rebuild mania. Provide your best auto repairing service station as you surely want to maintain in this scrapyard & vintage cars rebuild.There are three commonly used arrangements of parking spaces that are parallel parking, perpendicular parking, and angle parking. This extreme Junkyard car parking mania has also three environments. In parallel parking you arranged in line, in perpendicular parking side to side parking & also called bay parking the third is angle parking that is used in street side specially in the U.S.Junkyard Broken Car Parking Features:- Teach you various parking and repairing skills.- Challenging luxury cars repairing task rebuild mania.- Realistic Junkyard Baron car crash & destruction environment- Provide your best auto repairing service station- Smooth and real car control with unique hundreds levels.- Rebuilt vehicles & park it and become the best car park and mechanic
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