Extreme Transport Construction Machines

Enjoy of the most exciting transport game available on Google Play. Get behind the wheel and transport heavy construction machinery with " Extreme Transport Construction Machines".Your mission is to transport the heavy construction machinery from the construction site to the warehouse in order to store the machines there.Your duty begins with driving the machinery through the construction area until you reach the place where the transport truck trailer is parked. Load the construction machinery inside it and drive through the dangerous city until you reach the warehouse. Be careful with the narrow streets and traffic.FEATURES- 5 different truck to choose.- A huge variety of construction machinery to transport: excavator; elevator bull; concrete mixer and dumper.- Control and transport a huge transporter truck with a heavy load of construction machinery.- Realistic graphics and physics.- Amazing and realistic city environment.Download now for free " Extreme Transport Construction Machines" and enjoy of challenging missions where you have to show your perfect driving skills to drive construction machinery and heavy truck.
Operating System Android