Hot Micro Racers is a crazy and extreme racing game of tiny cars micro-machines.Compete against 4 rivals, shoot with weapons, collect coins and get in the best possible position during the race. You will pit all manner of crazy vehicles, battling each other in a world of table-top race tracks and oversized obstacles.Win coins to unlock new cars and expand your weapons arsenal. A huge variety of scenarios. Open tracks for your micro-machines with a lot of obstacles in the form interior details, decor, toys and many more.Features- Races of type tiny cars-There are 7 types of cars (Mini, Adp, Bison, Force Z, Hound, Juggernaut, Rhino) to unlock.-Each car have 4 weapons (bomb, Gum, Ice, Soap Bubbles).-There are 3 types of circuits: Kitchen Table ,Children's Bedroom and Outdoor.- This game offers countless hours of fun.-A real challenge for al type of players.- High quality sounds.- Amazing graphics and animations.
Operating System Android