Extreme Rally Championship

Compete in the most extreme Rally Championship with our "Extreme Rally Championship" racing game to be the best driver in the world.Get behind the wheel of legendary rally cars. Prove yourself fast in all tracks, dare to speed in hostile conditions and terrain and to drift along the turns. Challenge the rivals.Features:- Two game modes: Free races and Championship.- Choose car and stage on "free races" game mode.- Smash the leaderboards and show the world you are the fastest rally driver around on "Championship" game mode. This mode shows a leaderboard with the positions and times of the players.- With 6 different types of rally cars to unlock.- Drive on awesome tracks. There are 3 different scenarios to play: New Zealand, United Kingdom and Sweden. You could drive since green plains, dry dirt road, wet dirt road until snow or asphalt surfaces.- On the race, you have the possibility to switch between several cameras (main camera and 3 more cameras).- High Quality 3D Graphics and smooth controls.
Operating System Android