Smart Home App to monitor and control your smart home devices such as Power Switch Actuators, Various Sensors and Curtain Controllers.Pineapple IoT Smart Home solution is the world's most advanced home automation solution. It provides various user interfaces to a smart home - Mobile App, Tablet Panel, Voice (Alexa and Google Home) and a RF remote.Power Switch Actuators and Dimmers - Works in conjunction with your switches (both single way or two way) to provide remote monitoring and control. Power usage of each device is monitored and can be used to calculate the power consumption over a period of time. Device also has short circuit protection turning off the device should the current exceed a defined limit.PIoT Sense - Provides various sensors, actuators and transmitters / receivers in a single device. Some of the features of this remarkable device are -Microwave Motion DetectionSmoke / CO / LPG DetectionLight Intensity MeasurementTemperature / Humidity MeasurementDoor Open / Close SensorsIR receiver and transmitterThe device has a loud alarm that sounds under emergency situations.A relay can be made to operate under a defined situation to operate an external device.
Operating System Android