Features on the Shut Up and Drive app include:* Remove the ability to text and drive* Silence incoming messages and phone calls* Emergency Notifications* Speed Notifications* Status NotificationsDistracted driving is the number one cause of death for teenage drivers. Shut Up and Drive is designed to reduced distracted driving by removing the users ability to text and drive and by silencing incoming messages, phone calls, and other notifications. Safe Drive features will automatically turn on when the device exceeds 15 MPH. Once Safe Drive has been engaged, it will launch Shut Up and Drive into full screen mode, only allowing the user to make calls from the contact list, or E911. After about two minutes of being below 15 MPH, the Safe Drive feature will automatically turn off.We hope you choose to sign up for our notification service. It can provide valuable information about your loved one's well being. Notifications include: * Emergency Alerts - Emergency Alerts are notifications that are sent out in the event an emergency number (911) is dialed from the Shut Up and Drive application. The alert includes the exact location of the device so you will instantly know where your loved one is located! * Speed Alerts - Speed Alerts are notifications that are sent out in the event your loved one exceeds the configured speed limit. You have the ability to pick the speed at which you wish to be notified. This alert includes the exact location where the speeding event took place. * Status Alerts - Status Alerts are notifications that are periodically sent out that contain device information. These notifications consist of the following: Current Safe Drive mode, location of the device, and battery level of the device. You have the ability to configure how often you receive these updates.Made for teens. Recommended for everyone! If you experience any technical issues with the application, please notify us at support@zelusapplications.com. When contacting support, be sure to provide as much information as possible so our team of developers can successfully troubleshoot and provide the correct update.If you do not receive an email from Shut Up and Drive after registering, be sure to check your spam folder.*** Known Issues / Bugs ***P-B-00001 - Yahoo is currently deferring email traffic from our servers. We are working to resolve this issue. In the mean time, please feel free to register with a non-Yahoo email address in order to continue receiving alerts.P-B-00002 - Logs are showing an issue with Android 7.1. This issue could cause the application to crash. Developers are looking into this error and will push the update as soon as possible.
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