Mike, Alexa digital butler

Mike will be your digital butlerIt is a simple android application which will allow you to control Smart Home Devices with a low cost infraestructureYou will be able to link your Amazon Alexa devices with Smart Home devices like Broadlink, Milight or other kind of devices with api REST to control lights, plugs, curtains, blinds and any kind of on-off deviceMike acts as a bridge between Amazon Alexa and Broadlink RM devicesThere is also a set of Client APPs to control you Smart Home decives without Amazon Alexa devicesPRE-RECOMENTATIONS- Amazon account linked to Alexa app and Alexa devices (optional to manage devices by human languaje)- Alexa devices: dot, echo,... - Alexa app - Broadlink control devices (optional to control IR-RF devices): IR-RF Rm Pro / IR RM mini- Any kind of IR-RF-WIFI device - Lights (MiLights, Phillips) - Wireless touch light switch (Broadlink, Livolo, Intertechno, Trust, ..)- Wireless Curtain / Blind controls (Broadlink, Intertechno,..)- Wireless plugs (Broadlink, Trust, Xiaomi,..)Step 1: Install Mike on your android device (Android box)STEP 2: Open Mike's url and configure all devicesSTEP 3: Discover Devices on Alexa App or just say to your Alexa device: "Alexa, discover devices"
Price USD5.99
License Purchase
Version FULL_1.0
Operating System Android