Kuna Nyumba - Rental Houses in Nairobi Kenya

Find rental houses in Nairobi, Kenya: single rooms, bedsitter, one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom, hostels,virtual office and shops.Kuna Nyumba (there is a house or we have a house) is an Android app that enables you to search for rental houses in Nairobi kenya. The app, the hassle out of finding your next house. Are you Looking for: Single room Bedsitter One bedroom Two bedroom 3-4 bedroom Furnished apartments Stalls/shops Hostels for students ?Kuna Nyumba will bring you the options to choose from depending on your budget, from those looking for jobs, students, doing first job, place to do business, living your dream life or even visitors coming to Nairobi, kenya. The app uses GPS system to locate and calculate the distance from where you are and the available vacant house. This can enable you to get insight into specific neighborhoods that you can't find around the area. Pricing: The each house has rental price tag to be paid monthly. connectivity: the house description have "wifi" to show the availability of internet connectivity in the area. Traffic: Drive or bus to work? Make sure the traffic around your next home isn't a total nightmare. Use the map view and navigation to check traffic in real time before leaving for work or perform other errands. Essentials: Day cares, hospitals, pediatricians, pharmacies, urgent care, playgrounds Schools: View all the nearby schoolsKuna Nyumba is the onlyAndroid app in Nairobi, kenya you will ever need. Build for kenya by a kenyan, the app is build to to save you time and give you all the information you need to find your next house as quickly as possible. The app is backed with amazing features that does not even require you to provide personal information to use it from you comfort zone. The app is managed by a dedicated team that respond to your queries in a timely manner offer help from Monday to sunday.Here are just a few features that we hope will be of help to you as a user of Kuna Nyumba app. FEATURES:- NEW! Design & Interaction: We've rebuilt our app optimizing for simple, bold, and intuitive design- Commuting: the app has fare prices from the airport and city centre during peak and off peak hours to enable you choose the best location for easy access.- Alerts: Get notified with new rentals as soon as they are updated in our app making sure you don't miss your next house.- Instant Search: Quickly find properties you're looking for by typing in the search box.- Contacts: There are contacts for Rental officers in the field to help you get your dream rental house in your preferred location.- Search: Search for available locations and rental houses in the app.- Map Modes: View and navigate map area in normal, satellite or terrain mode- Open Houses: Find open houses near you and easily add them to your 'favourite Houses'Find Your Next House Now by installing Kuna Nyumba app today!!.Have a comment or suggestion? Email us anytime: trendappzz@gmail.com or call : 0705 092 087 Website: Kunanyumba.comFind Your Next House Now!!
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