Chicken coop and chickens! If you hear these words, maybe some of you will immediately imagine a place smelly, dirty, and looks shabby animal breeders who are noisy and smelly.even though not as difficult as we imagine, it does not mean very easy. In addition should be patient, we also have to prepare a lot of things, so that we farm running smoothly, and one of the fundamental things at once paramount in raising chickens is to prepare a cageAs a rule of thumb, for a chicken coop to be satisfactory for your birds, it must meet the following requirements:It must be predator-proof from all sides. Make sure that all openings are protected with the correct size of wire mesh - 15mm square so that so that predators can not reach inside the coop!Make sure that the area surrounding the coop is protected with wire-mesh fencing with the base buried at least 30cm below ground level to prevent foxes and rats from burrowing into the area. Rats would especially be drawn into the area because of chicken droppings.Make sure the coop is well ventilated (but not directly in the flow of air) to prevent respiratory diseases. Although chickens can stand cold weather they can not withstand being in the direct path of the wind.Make sure the coop is easy to clean.You should provide roosting poles for your birds because that is where they sleep! Make sure that there is adequate spacing so they don't crowd out one another.Put 1 nest box for every 4 or 5 birds in a dark corner of the coop to encourage your chickens to lay eggs. Nest boxes should be a little bit off the floor but lower than the roosting pole inside.Make sure the coop is roomy enough for the birds to roam around when they are inside, at least 4 square feet per bird.There should be a waterer and feeder inside the chicken coop.For easy disposal of droppings, place a removable plastic tray under the roosting polesProviding your chickens with proper housing is absolutely necessary to keep your birds in good physical shape, contented and happy.Step by step instructions on how to build a portable chicken coop. With over 100 pictures and illustrations. Also complete video links to watch the author build the portable chicken coop pictured on the cover of the app. Chicken coop plans and blueprints design and construction. Table of ContentsAbout the AuthorDisclaimerPortable Chicken Coop PlansBuilding a Portable Chicken Coop VideosPictures of Building the Portable Chicken Coop PDF File Links for Downloading and Printing High resolution with 6 bonus PlansHow To Print PlansPlan Copyright InformationOther Plans Available6 chicken coops plans included that have complete plans in the book and links to download high resolution PDF Plans for printing.Well, we do not blame if you were thinking so, especially if you've been accustomed to living in urban areas where all the place is clean, tidy and modern. True, a few years ago and even today the chicken coop and chickens still synonymous with pets villagers, dirty, smelly and annoying. But today it is no longer valid. Hah, so the same chicken chicken coop has changed so fragrant and so modern?Sure, the chicken will not change so much less modern fragrance, but that does not mean you still can identify with chicken and cage are allowed in the village, dirty, smelly and dirty again. Because if once only village people who like to keep chickens, now you know a lot of people who live in cities are also interested in raising chickens even develop it into a farm.If difikir-think, memilihara chicken was not hurt too! Even if we are patient, we can develop them into farms and made the effort of it. Raising chickens is not as difficult as other domesticated animals, we need only patient in taking care of the chickens that we ternakkan.Download Chiken Coop Plans application NOW! it's FREE!
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