Remote Monitoring of Voltage, Current, Temperature, and Security with Alerts for Boats, RVs and Stored Vehicles.Our remote monitoring solution focuses on what you need to know, and when you need to know it. Voltage alone is not enough to know the true health of your batteries.We know there is nothing more frustrating then starting a long weekend with a dead battery. Find out in advance about a potential problem before the trip!The combination of Voltage, Temperature and Current ensures that you know the true state of your charging system. Our easy to install current sensor lets you know if your charging system is working correctly and how much load is placed on your batteries when boating or camping.Why should you have to rewire your electrical system just to know how much power you are using? Our monitor is simple to install and our easy to use app makes checking on your boat, RV or stored vehicle a breeze.With our monitor you have the ability to monitor two voltage sources which gives you a number of options. For example, on a dual battery system you can monitor each battery and make sure they are staying in balance. Our dual voltage monitor is designed to work on a 12 or 24 volt DC system with a wide operating range of 9 to 36 volts.A failing battery that is left charging is likely to have an elevated temperature. That's why we include two temperature probes with each of our monitors. We even include a State/Security monitor, it connects to security sensors (door, motion, tamper) or float switches on a boat.Our monitor works over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and that includes alerts. By automatically switching between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi it keeps you informed even when you are in areas without cellphone or Wi-Fi coverage.NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES! Buy it and you're done!Our professional grade 12/24V monitoring system includes a feature set that sets it apart from the rest:Dual Battery SupportMonitor Voltage of 1 or 2 Sources (Batteries, Solar, Shore Power)Monitor Temperature of 1 or 2 BatteriesDual channel 75/500 Amp Passive Current Sensor. No busbar or shunt requiredState/Security Monitor for Security, Water Level, etc84 Months of Sensor History12 or 24 Volt DC Systems9 to 36 Volt DC Operating RangeNo subscription fees!Configurable Alert Notifications to your Mobile DeviceSensor readings stored every minuteSupports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi not required)Android Devices supported nowAssembled in the USAPlease visit our website for more details.
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