Unique Shabby Decoration

One style that became popular today is Shabby chic. The meaning of shabby in english is "shabby" while chic is beautiful. Shabby chic actually comes from England in the 19th century. This style is more directed to the beauty of furniture in a traditional cottage, there is antique furniture and shabby but still interesting. This is what makes shabby chic glimpsed for imitation, namely the originality of "shabby" and "ancient" as in the traditional cottages in England.This style is more towards vintage and classic. The designers shabby chic creates a unique and interesting design. Shabby chic style is quite messy but still charming. It is definitely not perfect but still beautiful. If you are the type of person who refuses to follow the standard beauty norms and prefer to be unique, then this style is perfect for you. Shabby chic style is an old fashioned style.The shabby chic style that is identical with the flowers and pastel colors is timeless to be adopted into interior design.Having a feminine impression, shabby chic is a combination design of some interior shapes with matching pastel colors.Shabby Chic Design is a collection of spatial design ideas in a shabby style home. This application is perfect for those of you who crave to have a house with shabby chic feel.
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