Design Of Vegetable Garden

nothing more than planting some seeds on the ground and then waiting for good results or installing an attractive fenceEvery experienced gardener knows that garden design also includes irradiation and watering plants as well as some useful suggestions for plants such as how some plants can be combined with other plantsOne of the most important things in vegetable garden design is careful planning. You need to consider where and how you grow the right vegetables and vegetables on your home pagePlants such as green beans and peas can add nitrogen to the soil if you use heavy fertilizer You should avoid planting pepper or tomato corn in the same place for two or three consecutive tips Changing your vegetable growing place becomes more fertileThe vegetable garden design also raises the question of what plants can be planted close to each other when designing your garden you should think of a garden that can thrive in various seasons eg tomato plants is difficult to thrive in June but in August the tomatoes will have lots of leaves and fill up more spaceLush plants such as tomato and broccoli corn can overshadow lower crops such as carrot and pumpkin lettuce in some cases the shadows can be very positive and protect the plants from heat while in other cases it can prevent the normal growth of the plant therefore it is not recommended to plant various types plant
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