which is used as a place to dispose of cigarette ash or place to turn off cigarette butts so that the fire does not burn other objects ashtrays can be made from various materials such as wood, clay, ceramics, or glassAshtray can also be designed with a variety of shapes and sizes and here are some unique and modern ashtray design that might make you interested to collect and have it.The existence of ashtrays in a room may be considered as a cultural symbol that the room is a smoke-free ashtray area can also be used as a decoration of your living room to look more beautiful and modernWood-based handicrafts are very diverse whether it is recycled craft or new materials one of them ashtray from wood why should ashtray because of its small size and the way of making it spelled out easily compared to other wooden craftsTo make ashtrays from wood you need materials and tools:- Pieces of bamboo- Wooden boards / plywood- Versatile glue- Chainsaws- Scissor- Knife / cutter- Sandpaper- Plitur or varnish if necessaryHow to make wooden ashtray crafts:Step 1: Sawwood / plywood saws with the width and length of slant cut each end make eight piecesStep 2: Combine the piece using glue to form a box of four boxes of one wooden ashtray craftStep 3: Cut the bamboo with the length and then scrape with a knife or cutter so that bamboo is not sharp try bamboo is not thick and not too thinStep 4: Cut the bamboo into small pieces using scissorsStep 5: Stitch the bamboo pieces on the inside of the wooden frame using a glue as well as on the outer side frame until the entire wooden frame is covered with two wooden ashtray craftsStep 6: Saw wooden board / ply again for the bottom of the ashtray then attach / combineStep 7: Paste the bamboo trim around the upper side of the ashtray to put the cigaretteStep 8: After all the parts are attached with the glue so that the slits of one piece with another closed tightly wait until the glue is dryStep 9: Use the sandpaper to smooth the surface of the ashtrayStep 10: Finally rub with plaster / varnish to beautify the wood but without plitur the ashtray look is cool, so it's up to you choose where
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