Cluttr is a household management solution for housemates to manage their bills, shared tasks and shared shopping list in one place!Chores:This feature allows the creation of a house chore, set the occurrence and select the people in the house who should be doing it. Everyone involved gets a notification and when it's their turn, they get reminded. After the chore is completed, everyone in the house gets notified that it has been completed.Supplies:This feature allows housemates to create a shopping list of items they want, and when someone in their house purchases it, they can create a bill and everyone who needed that item gets a notification that it has been bought.Bills:Collecting money from your housemates can be a bit annoying especially when it's small amounts. With Cluttr, you can enter a bill whenever you buy an item and it automatically splits and send the people involved a notification. Easily schedule your monthly bills with our recurring payments feature and Cluttr will split the bills at the end of the month and your housemates will be notified! To make things easier, we have integrated PayPal which allow housemates to pay each other in the app!We like making new friends! Follow us to get updated on new features!Website: @cluttr_appFeedback, questions or concerns?Email:
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