MileMarker: Free Dashcam and Mileage Tracker

We wanted a great dash cam app for our fellow travelers, so we made one.Turn your phone into a smart dash cam recorder!MileMarker is a free dash cam and mileage tracker app that helps you track your trips and mileage. With every recording comes an accurate map showing your mileage, and a replay of the video from your dash cam.With a free MileMarker account, you can keep all your trips in the cloud, forever.Using Drive Sense, Milemarker can automatically detect when you're driving in your car and start recording. With the free Milemarker app, you don't need to remember to turn on a dash cam or manually note start and stop times in your log.Track Mileage and Log Trips- GPS detects miles driven and automatically creates log entries for them.- Pause recording when you are taking a break from driving.- Trip Log shows your trips in an easy to browse list.- Our dash cam attaches a high quality recorded video to your log.Automatically Log Trips Without Opening the App- Milemarker will record even if you have another navigation app open.- Drive Sense will automatically begin recording when you are in your car.Store Trips for Your Records- Track miles from all your business trips and sales calls around town for reimbursements.- We save a GPS "mileage receipt" for each trip which is backed up to the cloudUnlimited Free Cloud Storage- Keep your phone storage free with our unlimited cloud storage.- Record thousands of trips without filling up your phone.Designed for people who need to track trips for personal or business reasons, Milemarker is a convenient and useful way to save time and money. Download MileMarker for free today!
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