Cartax(Global) - Vehicle driving log

CarTax is1. Vehicle location tracking device is not required.2. Modification / deletion of service history is now possible in privacy.3. Efficient gas payment calculation based on actual mileage.4. Automatically calculate gas charges from Web Manager page.[Introduction to CarTax Oil]- Evidence of cost to the vehicle can be spent without additional equipment (OBD, DTG) (corporate vehicle is in transit).- Automatic gas bill is calculated for mileage and reduced for flow- Selection of business transportation records can be applied to protect the privacy of employees.- Increase security with encryption of the driving record and location coordinates.- Integration manager page delivery enables greater efficiency.- Travel journal Excel file saved* For businesses that require multI-vehicle management, simply use Cartax-Biz.[directions for use - Automatic Driving] Smart Trip1. Bluetooth audio in the vehicle and smartphone pairing2. Settings -> automatic operation (Bluetooth) Selection3. Selecting the Paired Bluetooth Device* Automatically initiates a trip recording when starting,and automatically stores a trip when turning off.[Use-Manual Manual records]1.When you start drive - Start button2.When end of drive - Stop button3.Incorrect running information select button (Correct / Delete)* Status bar enables you to start / stop the trip recording.Driving distances are stored automatically(GPS) for vehicle management and modification of details.Driving records are automatically saved in the same originaldestination location if one exists.(If you work from time to time, the purpose of use is to " save for the purpose of manual.departure ")In addition to the operation records, you can use the gas bill, oil flow fee, and gas bill for commercial vehicles.[Data consumption]- No data consumption while driving. (Data consumption is zero, even when all day is on.)- The data is used in1) When running the app (Check Permissions)2) When starting operation (address search)3) When exiting operation (Search for addresses and send operational records)4) When entering the main screen (list print)5) When modifying or deleting the operating record6) Sign - up and sign - in* For 1-6, the device data usage is mixed at or below 1MB levels because text transmission is everything.* Full driving record SSL secure authentication and location coordinate digital encryption storage.Search can be made using the corresponding keywords.1. Vehicle Travel Diary2. Travel Diary3. Vehicle Travel Diary Application4. Drive record5. Drive record Diary6. The business car Drive Log7. Business Vehicle Drive Log8. Business car Drive Log Register9. Business car Drive Log Register on Excel10.Smart Drive Diary11.A driving log12. Vehicle Drive register13. Vehicle management14. Traffic Control15.16. CarTax17. CarTax Biz18. CarTax Oil
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