Minimalist House Decorations

There are several terms of residence, according to KBBI (2001: 966) the house is a residential building. Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 4 of 1992 on Housing and Settlement defines that a house is a building that functions as a residence or occupancy and means of fostering the family. Budiharjo in his book Ecological Architecture (2006: 1) residence contains not only as a physical building, but as a place of residence that fulfills a decent life, as a place of refuge, rest and merry with family. The home should ensure the family's need to grow, to get along with the neighbors, to give peace, pleasure, happiness, and comfort to all the events of his lifeMinimalism is a design or style that has the simplest and least elements to create maximum impact. A simple concept emerged in some cultures, especially the traditional Japanese culture of Zen philosophy. The Japanese embody Zen culture into the aesthetic and design elements for the architecture of the building. This idea began to affect western societies especially in Americasince the mid-18th century. In the 19th century this minimalist concept began to be an inspiration in the field of architecture called minimalist architecture. Currently the term minimalist is also used to describe trends in design and architecture. Minimalism in design and architecture is to reduce unnecessarily essential elements. (Kuntari, 2013: 10-11, in the Interland PPPPTK-SB Module).Limited land and high land prices, become one of the problems in building a residence, so needed appropriate solution in utilizing space or small building area. In the current era it became one of the reasons for the emergence of minimalist interior concept. So in a minimalist interior has features such as simple form, utilizing the basic elements such as lines and geometric shapes as outlines, building components and interior elements created as multifunctional elements (as visual and functional elements).The building structure used in a minimalist style implements a very elegant decor but has a high quality and simple. Aesthetics minimalist style is supported by the game of light and geometric shapes are processed through the building structure and interior elements. The use of interior materials is also dominated by patterns of natural materials such as various stones and wood types. Details on each design element are made subtle, both in the use of colors, materials, and textures. Here are some examples of minimalist interior.
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