Amazing DIY Macrame Curtains

Macrame has been having a major moment this year and we are not mad about it. Woven hangings give a texture and warmth to a room that you just can't get with a traditional framed picture or canvas. We decided to do our own take on the macrame movement and DIY a chic macrame curtain using two kinds of knots that look way harder than they actually are irl. materials: - 3 balls thick woven yarn - length of your doorway dowel or cutrain rod - Scissors - measuring tape For this project, we swapped out the traditional macrame cord for a softer, thicker natural yarn we had in the studio after making this DIY modern dreamcatcher. We loved the texture and feel of the thick fiber, but an extra plus was that the thickness made the weaving go faster. Although, full disclosure, this project did take a couple hours to complete. But man oh man was it totally worth it! Step 1: Get your scissors ready! First, measure the doorway or window where your curtain is going to hang. Once you have your measurement, cut a length of yarn twice as long as the length of the doorway. For example, our doorway measured 78 inches and each piece of yarn we cut was 156 inches. You're gonna need a lot of yarn to fill your curtain rod; with our thick yarn we fit about 16 pieces of yarn into one foot of curtain rod and ended up tying about 4 ft, or 64 pieces of yarn. Like we're gonna need a lot of yarn. Step 2: Thread the yarn onto the curtain rod by folding each piece in half, tucking the folded loop under the rod, then pulling the ends of the string all the way through. Repeat until the whole curtain rod is covered! Step 3: Now were' going to weave the pieces of yarn together across the top of the curtain using what's called a "horizontal double half hitch" knot. It sounds WAY more intimidating than it actually is! If you've ever double knotted your sneaker laces, you can do this knot. All you do is take the outermost string over and under the next cord in to tie a knot. Then repeat so it becomes a double knot. for further information and detail tutorial, download this now and grab what you want. please enjoy this application and give us any feedback.
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