SW Wearable Blinker (Strobe light and torch)

A convenient and flexible strobe light and torch for your Android Wear smart watch. Designed for the safety of cyclists, the highly visible strobe light gives you three colour options and adjustable speed. Alternatively you may use it as a torch - one that's easily accessible from your wrist at all times. *Usage caution!* This app is primarily designed to improve the visibility and safety of cyclists on the road. Be wary if you suffer from migraines or from any kind of light sensitivity. Do not look directly into the screen for prolonged periods of time. *Use in moderation!* Using this strobe light may greatly shorten your battery life. Prolong the life of your watch by deactivating it whenever you stop cycling in a safe and well lit area. * Handheld customiser. * Remote start from your phone* Switch between white, amber and red light* Strobe (Blinker), torch and standby modes* Digital clock and battery indicator * Adjustable strobe frequency (2 - 20hz)
Operating System Android


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