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Carculator is a powerful car payment calculator app with a built in car payment estimatorAre you car shopping and looking for a car payment calculator that calculates loan and lease payments with taxes?Want to save time at the dealership?With Carculator, calculating car payments is now just 3 taps away:1. Tap Loan or Lease2. Select your new or used car3. Tap Estimate or CalculateKey Features:- Car loan calculator with taxes- Car lease calculator with taxes- Car payment estimator helps you see if a car fits your budget- Compares total cost of multiple quotes to help you get the best deal- Request free quotes and compare offers to avoid spending hours at dealerships- Email us at for free car shopping tips and advice - it's our passion!Car Loan Calculator- How much is my monthly loan payment if I buy the car? What's the total cost of the loan after taxes, fees, and interest?- Carculator features a comprehensive car loan calculator that clearly highlights monthly payment, total vehicle cost, and amount due at signing- The app also includes a car loan calculator summary tab that shows how the monthly payment, total vehicle cost, and amount due at signing break down by fees, down payment, interest charges, and taxes- Car loan calculator amortization table makes it easy to see loan payoff amounts- Carculator car loan calculator empowers you to negotiate more easily by bringing transparency to the fees and interest charges in your dealCar Lease Calculator- What are my monthly car lease payments with taxes? What's the total cost of the deal?- The monthly car lease calculator includes all of the benefits of the auto loan calculator features and more- Most car lease payment calculators do not include tax calculations due to complexity and state-specific rules, but the Carculator car lease calculator accounts for all car leasing tax scenarios, allowing you to match dealer quotes down to the penny- The car lease calculator summary makes it easy to toggle on different money factors and quote details to see how changes affect monthly payment and total cost of the leaseMonthly Car Payment Estimator- How much car can I afford? What's it cost to lease a car? What's it cost to buy a car?- Carculator pre-populates the quote input form with estimated values to show you approximate amounts for monthly car payment, total loan or lease cost, and drive-off fees- Adjust inputs such as vehicle price, interest rate or money factor, and fees to instantly see the impact on your monthly payment, total cost, and amount due at signing at the top of the screenIn addition to making it easy to calculate car payments, Carculator helps you stay in control of the car shopping process by allowing you to request free quotes from trusted car dealers in the network and compare offers before you go to the dealership, ultimately saving you time and money.*Disclaimer: We receive commission when you request a quote from car dealerships. Commission received is used to further develop and improve Carculator. Please email with any questions or concerns. Thank you for using Carculator!
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