CARSPOT WiFi with your car

CARSPOT WiFi makes it easy to share WiFi with your car. CARSPOT use Hotspot function in your smartphone. Simple more than Tasker, Trigger[FUNCTION]1. Automatically CARSPOT share function (hotspot) when you get in the car!2. And automatically OFF!3. Notify every time when hotspot is turned on / off4. When battery is concerned, it works only when power (USB,AC,Wireless) is connected!5. Turned it on manually when you needed it.6. Internet status, connected devices, battery status at a glance monitoring!7. History when the connection is made!8. In addition, not only smart phone, tablet horizontal / portrait mode support for all models![Expected]1. We will continue to add useful functions through 'Lab' function. (App autorun, text / message audio reading / answer etc.)2. Currently, the app is still in the early stages of release.3. Send other bugs or enhancement inquiries to the [Suggestion] menu in the app.Have a Smart Car Life!-CARSPOT Lab Team Up!
Operating System Android