Fed up with bad drivers? Report 'em!Works for red-light runners, left-lane loafers, cell phone superstars, and that guy who just cut you off!Reports include video, audio, GPS position, and (optionally) GPS speed.The app can make 2 different kinds of reports:1.) Live Reports: While driving, tap the screen 3 times. The app will immediately start live-casting a report. By default, the report is 30 seconds long, and begins 15 seconds in the past. Video immediately pops up on BusyCop.com's "Live" map, along with a projection of where the offender is going. Anyone watching can see it. Shout out the plate, and our moderators will attempt to add it to the report immediately!Devices are normally limited to 2 Live Reports per month, unless you have a subscription.2.) Manual Upload Reports: These don't broadcast live, but -- there is no monthly limit. You typically send these reports when your commute is complete.Each report must show behavior that is a.) illegal, b.) dangerous, or c.) annoying, or it may be subject to removal by our moderators.A BusyCop.com account is not required for general usage. However, you will need to sign up if you want to manage your subscriptions, set watches, or manually upload .mp4 files.Even if you don't plan to use the Reporting feature, the app is still a very powerful general purpose video recorder. Most phones will easily fit several hours of high-quality video. BusyCop Dashcam can also store weeks (or even months!) of low-quality video within the disk limits you've set.Other features:- Simple, 1-step setup- No ads- Background recording- Record to external SD card- Damage-resistant file system (DRFS)- Time-shifting playback, up to 60x- Forensic zoom- Goes easy on the mobile data usage- Automatically record when plugged in- Auto-mute mic during phone calls- GPS history- Battery temperature & level histories- Configurable video settings- Export video to file (.mp4)- "Training Mode" (for timid users)- Also works on older phones
Operating System Android