HOW IT WORKS- Say goodbye to your chore wheel! BOOMmates anonymously assigns chores to roommates and automatically rotates them weekly.- BOOM a chore to nudge the roommate whose turn it is to take care of that chore--you don't know who they are and they won't know who BOOMed them.- Your first two BOOMs have to come from two different roommates--same for your last two BOOMs.- BOOMs automatically reset after 24 hours of not receiving new BOOMs. - After your first two BOOMs, you'll have a 24 hour grace period to take care of your chore, during which you can't get BOOMed.- After your grace period is over, you'll be vulnerable to receiving your last two BOOMs.- After receiving four BOOMs, you'll be exposed to your roommates as the one that's been slacking on the chore!
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