This application is helpful for parents, transporters and schools. Knowing location of children is always been a headache for parents and updating parents again and again is same for transporters. This application is developed after research from several transporters and parents about their problems and that is the reason it has been kept very simple, and multi lingual. It had several features.Parents:Follow TransportersFollow Child's vehiclesGet Contact InformationTransporters:Keep Update ParentsKeep Track of their vehicles and driversConnect with parentsGet Contact information of parents and drivers.How to useDriver :Purpose of your application is to update your location. You have several options for that.Schedule your routine from the menu.Enable your application manually and choose the time period.Transport Manager :Purpose of your application is to connect parents and drivers. We are going to explain you how you can do that.Register/Login your account and enter the required information.First of all you have to go to vehicles and add Information of each driver of the vehicle. These will be added in the list and you can later Enable/Disable them. You can also remove them from the list.Now as you have added vehicles, parents will request to follow you so that they can check your vehicles.You will see follow requests in a list, you need to accept or reject them as per need.Parents :Purpose of your application is to show you where the vehicle of your child actually is. Let us explain you how you can do that.Register/Login to your account by adding required information.Now you will go to Search and type name or email or phone number of your child's Transport manager.Send them Follow Request.If he approves, you will be able to see all of his vehicles on Map.In case of congestion you can go to Filter vehicles and select the vehicles you need to check only. Enabling this will remove your headache and you will only see that vehicle on Map.That's all! Thank you.
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