SafeMode ¦texting while driving ¦ fleets managment

The world is undergoing a process of addiction to Smartphones. It catches us everywhere- even on the road, where more than 50% of car crashes are caused by distraction. We are striving to solve the problem of dangerous Smartphone usage while driving. Our target audiences are transportation, logistics and insurance companies. Our service and product are useful for those companies for various reasons, the first one being the huge costs of road accidents caused by phone distraction- it starts with the great loss of lives and injuries, as well as productivity loss. In addition, car accidents also cause the fleet to deal with the direct cost of damages, fees and lawsuits. Accidents may also cause negative representation in the media, which can potentially hurt the company's reputation. By reducing distraction caused by Smartphone use, SafeMode can provide the complete solution- Tech wise, Business wise and by solving legal issues.
Operating System Android