This application provides easy way of communications in housing society. We have following functionalities. 1. Guest Tracking - Real time guest tracking keeps you updated on the person (s) visiting you. You will get instant notification on your registered device. 2. Maintenance payment management - Now track all your payments to society in this app. You will get facility to upload payment proof also2. Opinion poll - We help to get decision on complicated problems by taking opinion poll. Society members can register their opinion on the subject and make decision as per voting result3. Society Communicator - Now don't miss any important communication in public messengers. We export and send all the archived messages to registered email address. 4. Announcements - We help members to make a large announcement. All the society members will get notification for the same5. Call your neighbour - You can directly place a call from this application. 6. Register expected guest - We have a facility to register an expected guest, this will reduce the amount of time needed to spend at security gate.
Operating System Android