iDriveSmart Auto Responder **Free Trial**

Free Trial. Free Trial. Free Trial. iDriveSmart is designed to reduce driver distraction while driving by taking away the focus from your phone. Help make our roads safer for everyone. iDriveSmart is a set and go app. Once switched on, There's no need to interact with the app any further. The app is active, it runs in the background without the need to keep switching it off and on. That way, when you are not driving, your phone will resume normal operations and you are not distracted by the phone. While app is working, each phone call and text is logged in a log screen in the app so you can see who contacted you and when they contacted you. It uses GPS to determine when you are driving and silences phone calls and texts to prevent driver distraction. When you are not driving or when you are stationary, you will receive phone calls and texts as normal so there is no need to interact with the app once its switched on. Your Auto-reply message can be easily customized to suit the reply you would like. Other useful Features: iDriveSmart can also be used while not driving and any time you don't want any interruptions. Just set the manual blocking timer feature and all texts and phone calls will be silenced for the duration of the timer. Great when you're at the movies, in a meeting or anywhere you don't want any interruptions. A timer feature allows you to disable the automatic blocking feature from 15 minutes to 12 hours. Region specific settings allow you to use metric and imperial speed settings (Kmh or Mph) Great for when you don't want to be distracted by phone calls and texts and any social media. VIP contacts list to allow calls in case you need to be reached in special circumstances. Aside from its benefits, by purchasing this app, you will also help further develop the app and its features. This app is only to assist you. Please always drive safe, follow local road rules and laws at all times. Note the app works with mobile phone technology. It doesn't work on Land lines which are not capable of receiving text messages. Feedback welcome.
Operating System Android