Live Map Traffic Guide

Activate a live map traffic with your phone or tablet. Easy, accurate, live map. With just a few click you can take advantage of a excellent live traffic map available through a variety of platforms. Well known companies google maps and apple map along with other more specialized companies are used to help users navigate via real time live map data on a satellite background image. See traffic congestion in real time and automatically reroute around it or inspect manually -View accidents as they are reported-Longitude and Latitude pin pointing enable precise data to be made available for route planning -Live data on traffic incidents, view traffic conflicts, construction zones and more depending on your software capability-Road closure map information make getting from point a to point b easy no matter the conditions. Plus more for advanced usersThis app will guide you through the basic but there is a ton of extra features these softwares have that can be explored by the user as they want to go further. We are planning on creating a Live Traffic Map Guide 2 as well that will get into some of the more advanced features certain live map and traffic map gps programs offer. For now though enjoy the basics and look for the next app or check for updates to this because we made just expand this app to be both a beginner and advanced user manual for live traffic map programs out there. Due to copyright and compettion we can not show images of the live map programs screenshots on google play.
Operating System Android