ARI (Auto Repair Invoices)

ARI app is dedicated to Auto Repair shops as well as independent mechanics. The app's purpose is to help mechanics and business owners create and send electronic invoices to their clients. It is an elegant solution to a rather cumbersome task. Once set up right, ARI can help you cut time and costs that you'd normally dedicate to the trivial process of writing auto repair invoices and estimates. Auto Repair features- 400 Auto Parts & 150 Auto Services. ARI offers a list of 400+ Auto Parts for you to choose from. This means that you won't have to type in the name of your items - simply choose them from a list that is provided to you. Additionally, the app offers a list of 150+ different types of auto repair services. Both lists of auto parts and auto services are organized in categories so that you can find easily what you're looking for. VIN scanner and decoder. The auto repair invoicing app allows mechanics to scan car VIN numbers and decode the information. The data decoded is composed of: vehicle make, model, year, number of doors, transmission type, driven wheels, engine details, etc.The VIN decoder works mostly for US vehicles build after 1990- Barcode scanner You can scan and store the barcode of your auto repair parts for easy finding later on. Invoicing features- 7 fully-customizable invoicing templates Every text in the form can be changed instantly from the app according to your specific needs- Signature support The app allows you and your customer to sign an invoice on the spot, right on the device (phone/tablet) - Logo You can add your business logo to your auto repair invoices and estimates- Print mobile If you have a mobile printer, then you can print your invoices/estimates right on the spot. Multiple tax values. You can add up to 3 types of taxes and customize their name and values. Payment Options The app accepts Cash, Check, Credit Card, and PayPall payment options. You can collect payments from your clients on the spot. App features- It uses GPS to get your current address, so you won't have to type it in. It can store GPS coordinates and then open a map app for navigation to those coordinates. Sync + Backup functionality (you can now create and access your invoices from multiple devices) - Full offline functionality (you can use the app even when not connected to the Internet) - Connection to calendar to mark invoices datesLANGUAGES SUPPORTED- English- Russian- Spanish- Chinese- Indonesian- Greek- Afrikaans, - Albanian- Arabian- Armenian- Azerbaijani- Belorussian- Bulgarian- Croatian- Czech- Danish- Duch- Estonian- Filipino- Finish- German- Hungarian- Indonesian- Italian- Japanese- Portuguese- Swedish- Turkish- and now you can even add your own language. CUSTOMER SUPPORT: available 24/7 via email. the free version is limited to 3 estimates, 3 invoices, and 2 clients. If you want to build unlimited invoices, then consider purchasing the full version. You can do it through the app.
Operating System Android