Active Suspension Control - BLE

Check out our innovative and redesigned Active Suspension Control to lower your car. We offer you the possibility of lowering your car with factory air suspension. Desired depth position without much effort. Our Active Suspension Control - BLE Version is installed within a few moments and fit the air suspension immediately to your wish. New Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology: You get maximum flexibility with the easy connected Application. Our controller can be connected with the mobile phone via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), just within seconds. Just some features of the Application: Show Mode: You are on a tuning meeting and want the car to be noticed? Just check the Show mode and your vehicle goes downwards as wished. Original Car Profiles: For example Audi cars with Audi Drive Select MMI selection are free to adjust every Drive Select Mode by different values. Original State: With the help of our APP you are able to set a speed limit. Exceeding this speed will put your vehicle on the original height.
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