Free VIN Check for Used Cars

The best free used car app and resource for researching any vehicle before buying or selling it. Simply scan or enter a car's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number, typically located on the windshield or passenger door sill) and get a free comprehensive report instantly showing the vehicle's market value, price and listing history, projected depreciation, objective dealer ratings and much more including vehicle history report from Carfax, checking on open recalls and if the car had been stolen. Our mission is to help the consumer get better educated about each used vehicle before buying it. We know buying a used car is an arduous and frustrating experience (we know as we've been through it many times). We believe having the right information and data helps make the process a bit less difficult, helps you get a better price and make a more informed decision. The data and analyses are powered by's renowned analyses and studies which have been featured in many major publications and media outlets such as Consumer Reports, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ABC/CBS/NBC News, CNBC, Forbes, Fortune, and many others. Each used car VIN report and analysis includes up to 200 data points such as: Market Value and ChartsGet an estimate of the used car's market value compared to other cars that have been sold in the same local area. Listing and Price History See a history of where and when the used car had been sold along with the prices and how long the car was on the market. Vehicle History, Open Recalls, Stolen Car, and MoreSee how much the car was driven compared to the average car. Instantly check the vehicle history (free in some cases) from Carfax or autocheck, check for open recalls, if the car had been stolen and other key things to check before buying or selling a used car. Projected Depreciation Get an estimate of how much the used car will depreciate over 1, 2 and 3 years and in comparison with similar and competitor cars. Best Time to Buy (and Sell) As with houses, cars also exhibit seasonal fluctuations. See when you should buy or sell to get the best prices. VIN Checker / Lookup and DecoderThrough the app, easily use your phone's camera as a scanner and scan the VIN barcode of a used car to lookup if it is a legitimate VIN (of a vehicle model year 1981 and newer - that's the year when the U. S. government started standardizing VINs). Dealer Scorecard For a used car currently for sale, see how the dealer compares to other dealers for price, transparency and responsiveness. WHAT USERS ARE SAYING: Thank you so much. This is excellent information about vehicles, and very valuable when one is considering purchasing a used or new vehicle. Glad I found the site, and will share with family and friends. I love how there are so many tools to make comps and a educated decision. Honesty Free what you say we get we get. Information we get from the Vin is very informative. Thank you for this free informative straight up honest service that provides vehicle information from the vin. Excellent. The data is well organized- great charts for comparison. Very helpful info. This was fantastic. Thank you for providing this free service/information. Incredibly helpful and informative. Love that it is free. thanks so much. The graphs and visuals made it easier for me to visualize.
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