Check out this unique two-in-one application! In one part of the application you will discover more than 50 original recipes of sauces and learn to cook them right, while the other part will provide you with valuable and thoroughly collected details of more than a hundred of herbs and spices. Sauces are the defining feature of culinary art. These are the sauces that add a unique, expressive flavour to dishes, being able to fully release the taste of usual products.Sauces are really a borderless culinary area. Cookbooks suggest hundreds of recipes, however, there is an issue of how to arrange all those varieties and keep that in your mind. The solution is our application as weve created it for you to have carefully selected and conveniently systemized recipes at hand. Now its easy to know how to cook a sauce correctly. All recipes contain detailed step-by-step instructions and illustrations of the main steps as well as interesting facts and professional recommendations that will be an additional source of inspiration for you.The Sauces part contains: step-by-step recipes for more than 50 sauces with clear pictures, interesting and useful facts and tips. all sauces are grouped as follows: Major French sauces, Italian sauces, Salad dressings, Hot and spicy sour sauces, Butter-based sauces, Sweet sauces, Easy-made cold sauces, Asian sauces. full quick search in the A to Z sauces section. Find the sauce you need in a second. selection of sauces to match your dish. For your convenience we provide two navigation options, which are Sauces A to Z and Sauces by Dish in this subsection youll learn which sauces go well with a particular dish. Thus, if you cook, for example, fish youll be able to easily find the necessary sauces that will highlight its taste. Now, were moving on to spices. Herbs and spices are of great importance in cuisines worldwide. They serve as a limitless source of inspiration for cooks. Some herbs look plain, but can really hypnotize delicious food lovers with their marvelous fragrances. Sauces and spices have defined the character of great number of national cuisines since time immemorial. Nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, aniseed, fennel will let you transform the taste of usual dishes, get new gustatory experiences and add a sophisticated aroma to soups, salads and desserts.Our app will provide you with the most detailed information about more than a hundred of spices. Youll find the spice you need just in one second. Its worth mentioning that the search is made under all names of a spice, as its known that many spices have numerous names. For your convenience we provide two navigation options, which are search of spices A to Z and selecting spices by dish.So the Spices part of the app includes: detailed description for more than 100 herbs and spices; full quick search in the Spices section. Youll easily find the spice you need in a second; general details of a spice its name, botanical info, peculiarities of aroma and flavour; origin and habitat information on where a spice originates from and where it grows; uses well advise you which dishes will taste more delicious with a particular spice; tips well let you know how to store, choose, dose and add spices to dishes to get a maximum of their aroma and taste released.Discover the bright, colourful and fragrant world of spices and uncover new tastes on your plate
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