eDuplicates is safe, simple to use, and vital in preparing for unforgiving crises and emergencies. All that is needed after installing eDuplicates is to gather your important papers, digitize them using the software's integrated scanning process, then save them in a safe place as you desire. For most people, it will take less than two hours to digitize your important documents and memorabilia. It is well worth your time to use eDuplicates and know that your important information is safe--especially after an emergency or crisis when you need them the most. By default, papers are scanned as PDFs. But items such as photographs and other memorabilia may be scanned as JPGs. Long documents, like some real estate documents, may also be digitized as multi-page files, and all files contain a description field so that years from now, you can interpret the file names. In addition to digitizing and organizing your important papers, eDuplicates also integrates with Microsoft Outlook to provide you with optional reminders when important documents are about to change or expire. eDuplicates was designed to allow users to select as many reminders desired from one week to one year before the date a document may change (like a life insurance policy) or expire (like a passport). The eDuplicates data directory is set up in the My Documents folder to make it easily integrated into online 3rd party storage services, if desired. Users may also opt to burn backup CDs or DVDs of their important papers, or save them to a USB thumb drive. The software tracks and displays the amount of storage space used for your files, and also calculates the number of CD or DVD disks required to burn your data. Some type of off-location storage is recommended to gain the maximum benefit from this software.
Operating System Windows Vista Windows Windows XP Windows 2003 Windows 7
System RequirementsMicrosoft .NET Framework 2.0