Timezone Clock is *the* one to replace all your time/clock apps! World clock, time converter, iPod alarm clock, event reminder and desktop clock are only a single tap away. Key Capabilities: - World clock : includes more than 7000 cities around the world from every timezone. Try searching in non-english too.. - World time converter : select time for a city, and app will show time for other cities. Schedule an event for a city from this window as well. - People clock : similar to world clock, but instead of cities, show contact names. Organize people into multiple groups, like "Family" or "Coworkers" to keep times for them separately. Tap on people's name to call/email direct from the app. - People time converter : select a time for a person, to show concurrent time for other members. - Alarm : Wake up to iPod music/podcast, with additional features like multiple snooze time setting! (Background alarm is supported in iOS4) - Event : Set alerts for events in other timezones. For example, you can schedule event like "8 AM in Paris Every Monday", or "Mom's birthday on October 12th, every year". *Only in iOS4* - Desktop clock : Switch to landscape view for a beautiful clock of each city in world clock. Swipe to see other cities, tap to see 4 day forecast. With all of its features, it's perfect companion app for travel, international business, or if you just want to keep time around the world.
Operating System iPhone OS 3.x iOS iPhone OS 4.x