iMathGeo is a powerful software which allows you to produce a mathematic typographical document, to communicate with many softwares (Indesign, Word, Keynote, Pages, etc ), to do formal calculation and basic dynamic geometry.Here's a "little" presentation of this software ...Formal calculation:You can: - working with big numbers.- enter your mathematical formulas and transform them so that they are to simplify to the maximum. - make symbolic algebraic calculation. - make substitutions. - differential calculation.- make factorizations.- substitution with the "Eval" function.- solving equations and in equation- working with matrices (eigen vectors search, inverse a symbolic matrix, etc....).- Statistics (with mean, correlation, variance, etc ....)- etc.... Through services technology, it's possible to do formal calculation under other softwares like "Numbers", "Pages", etc ... Draw 2Dand 3D functions 2d :You have the choice between: - curves 2d (Cartesian, polar, parameterized) - curves 3d (Cartesian an parameterized)- basic dynamic geometry You can Drag and dropany curve towards the desktop of your computer or an additional software.Export 2D and 3D graphics with different type It's possible to export this graphics to many differents types (png, jpeg, etc...)Export to others softwares :- It's possible to export your document to EPUB (for iBooks famous application), PDF, html, mathML format.iMathGeo is totally scriptable with Applescript, Ruby and Python ... :Communicate with Word, LaTeX, InDesign, Pages, Keynote, Openoffice, TeXShop, etc... : - For some of them, it's possible to import the expressions like the equations editor of Microsoft.- Now the code field are fully supported.- iMathGeo is in fact Applescriptable, you can indeed note the presence of small icon script. It's possible to record all the actions you performin iMathGeo with with the script editor, that makes it possible to betterinclude/understand theAppleScript grammar of iMathGeo.Some scripts are already preset: - the script of sending towards Word- the script of sending towards iTeXMacOn more thing, it's possible to :- show your document in presentation mode.- to go in full screen mode (like Keynote)- Add Title, sub title and text (it's very useful to export your current document to Latex, Html, Xhtml, ePub format (for iBooks application in iPad and iPhone).It's possible to include image in your documents :- it's useful to add all your graphics pictures you want, etc ....
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File Size 30.03 MB
Version 2.5.3
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required