Quickly solve anagram, word scramble/jumble or crossword puzzles! This utility can be used with games such as Srabble or Words with Friends. Simply select the type of puzzle you need assistance with (anagram/word scramble, or crossword) from the app preferences and the app will process the input letters accordingly. Select any of the following word list data sources for finding matches: --American English (~100,000 words) (Standard & Proper Names) --British English (~100,000 words) (Standard & Proper Names) --TWL (~175,000 words) (USA/Canada Srabble tournament word list) --ENABLE (~175,000 words) (The Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon) --SOWPODS (~275,000 words) (British/Australian Srabble tournament word list) --ODS (~375,000 words) (French Srabble tournament word list)Sort the results based on any of the following criteria: (You can display as many as five separate result columns and assign each their own sort parameter.) --Match Percentage --Word Score --Word Score (2-letter words only) --Word Score (3-letter words only) --Word Score (4-letter words only) --Match Percentage, then Word Score --Word Score, then Match Percentage --Alphabetical (Ascending/Descending) --Word Length (Ascending/Descending) --Word Count (Ascending/Descending)When sorting by word score, the following scoring rules can be used: --Srabble (English) --Words With Friends (English) --Srabble (French)Select a word result to look up the definition on an online dictionary site. The following sites can be used: --Dictionary.com --Merriam-Webster.com --Wiktionary (English) --Wiktionary (French)You can enter multiple words at a time. You can also specify whether multiple words can be found within each individual word input. Use a question mark (?) character as a wildcard or blank tile in anagram mode. Use a question mark (?) character to represent unknown letters in crossword mode.Send questions and feedback to: apps-osx@audama.com.
File Size3.51 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required