PHENOMENALOG is a freeware program for private diary keeping. It is developed for users to arrange, furnish, adapt and use according to their own habits and needs, personal relevancies and themes. It includes options for supplementing automatically time-indexed diary text with pictograms (glyphs) as a kind of shorthand for habits in users everyday life. It permits time-indexed retro-entries to previous hours, same day or previous days, as well as time-indexed annotations to previous entries. It facilitates sequential keyword (and glyph) search in accumulated diary, but also keyword or glyph parsing, producing an assembly of occurrencies in their immediate diary context. It integrates: Calendar, Adress-book&email, Up to 30 arbitrary Theme-fields, Built-in Internetbrowser, Users own editable www-link distribution Users table of own usernames, passwords and pincodes, Users construction of self-reporting links to programs, folders and files on own computer.Automatic Data-table, updating each day: a) daily counts for selected glyphs; b) entries in fields for physiological data; c) entries in fields for symptoms, weather or other. The program has been developed over a period of 14 years. The goal is to enhance the documentary power of the citizen, both in relation to the options and traps of the IT-society and in relation to the private domestic, informational, bodily, material, economic and social householding. The program is offered with a view to its further user-driven development. An important aspect of such development is the improvement and expansion of the preliminary library of pictograms (glyphs) , to include a much broader range of short-hand symbols for typicalities of situations, events, actions and states of the everyday personal life.
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License Free
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Operating System Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP
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